39 Miles - 63 Km
47 mins

Photos, inside and outside images between Columbia, TN and Shelbyville, TN

According to Google Maps Panoramio data photos between Columbia, TN and Shelbyville, TN

Columbia, TN Photos

  • Aerial View of Saturn Plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee
  • Kedron Tn, Walls Market
  • Maury County Courthouse
  • Kramer Hair Tree ( from Jerry Seinfield Tv show)  before the road was improved..
  • Columbia tn Duck River Dam. The TWRA sometimes stocks this area with Rainbow Trout in winter when the water is colder. This dam was a small hydroelectric producer several decades ago.
  • Lakes near Santa Fe, TN
  • Dead End Road to H???..Sign actually is for
  • A Tennessee meat and three serving food from the old southern 1950's. Kathy's Family Neighborhood Restaurant.
  • Carters Creek Station Store
  • Curtsy to the left little Barn
  • Bent out of shape old school or church building Minor Hill?
  • Water Valley store buildings
  • February 15, 2004
  • Steam Trains  Mid south live steamers
  • Adam Derryberry small mansion home built c 1803 . Was on National Register of Historic Places but demolished in 2001 and hopefully reassembled  somewhere around Cullleoka or Mooresville, Tn
  • Elm Springs
  • Santa Fe Diner
  • Some times I think I live on the wrong side of too many fences
  • Landscaping out of control but has since been corrected
  • Union Grove TN old Church Building
  • Old highway 31 bridge just north of Columbia, TN
  • Mill Pond near Rattle & Snap Mt Pleasant TN.
  • Tree tunnel Tennessee Southern Railroad
  • Columbia Tn Train Depot
  • Said to be Oldest Log House In Columbia Tennessee
  • Stans from which Crackerbarrell  borrowed(?)the  concept. Stop by Stans and ask. The Old Stans building was located just north of the heart of old Spring Hill. Part of the concrete floor of original Stans Truck stop may be seen along the west side of Highway 31 just north of Duplex Road Spring Hill, tn
  • Lucky Shoe Tavern
  • Spring Hill Tn McCutcheon Creek along Kedron Road and Saturn Parkway. The TWRA has stocked this area at times with Rainbow Trout when water temperature permits.
  • Mule Day
  • Dumps Cafe Columbia, TN
  • Deep worn country trail , Blackburn lane, doomed by development
  • Mt Wesley Cemetery

Shelbyville, TN Photos

  • Spring Comes To East TN
  • I Love This Town!
  • East Lane Park
  • Quiet Spring Street
  • Bedford County Courthouse - Built 1874 - Shelbyville, TN
  • Like dough balls ready to bake......
  • Webb School
  • Spring Calf in Moore County hills near Lynchburg Tn
  • Rose Bank Cemetery - June 2011
  • Old Flat Creek Cemetery - June 2011
  • Thurston Farrar Memorial Bridge - June 2011
  • Halls mill old bridge wheel road halls mill road
  • Little house in the country on wheel road near rattle snake lodge road
  • Big Dreams in The Small Town
  • A Secret Place
  • Cute Town
  • Old Walking Horse Hotel
  • Wartrace Bethsalem Community Chapel
  • First Baptist Church
  • Webb School Science Center
  • Webb School Entrance
  • South Shore Line Rail Road Caboose #10007
  • X once marked the spot
  • Rusty old building at railroad crossing
  • Hillcrest Country Store N Cafe a meat and three place
  • Wood & Stone railroad bridge
  • Amazing Grace Community Church
  • Flat Rock, Bedford County, Tn Mansion
  • L&N Railroad Depot Building Shelbyville, TN
  • Flat Rock Convenience Shopping
  • Road, rails, and rock wall

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