344 Miles - 554 Km
6 hours 12 mins

Photos, inside and outside images between Yellowstone National Park, WY and Encampment, WY

According to Google Maps Panoramio data photos between Yellowstone National Park, WY and Encampment, WY

Yellowstone National Park, WY Photos

  • Shoshone Lake
  • 夕阳
  • Sunset at the Yellowstone Lake
  • 母与子
  • Seismograph & Bluebell
  • Parque de Yellowstone
  • Mother nature
  • Bisons - Yellowstone National Park
  • Sunset in Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming - USA
  • Yellowstone Lake
  • clouds on yellowstone lake
  • One of many places where the road crosses the Continental Divide in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Yellowstone Lake, May 2003
  • Yellowstone - Coming Back After The Fires of '88
  • Lewis River(Lewis Channel), Yellowstone NP, WY
  • Moose at Dusk Lake Yellowstone
  • Stig Berge
  • Lewis Lake still frozen in mid-May '03
  • Yellowstone National Park Bison
  • 20 mm
  • Yellowstone Caldera Hotspot
  • Yellowstone Lake Sunrise
  • Fishing Cone at West Thumb. Yellowstone Lake
  • Sunset at the Grant fuel stop, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Yellowstone Lake Morning
  • Yellowstone Lake from above West Thumb Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Sun setting West of Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Yellowstone 1984 avant le grand incendie
  • Percolating Spring, Yellowstone
  • West Thumb - Abyss Pool6
  • Shoshone Lake looking East
  • Lily Pad Lake (Isla Lake)

Encampment, WY Photos

  • Mountains near Encampment, Wyoming
  • Encampment, WY
  • Viewing north-north-easterly at the North Platte River from the Treasure Island Access Area, near the end of Cow Creek Rd. Saratoga, Wyoming
  • Encampment, WY
  • Viewing south-westerly towards the towns of Riverside and Encampment, and the Sierra Madre, from the Needle Peak foothills alongside the Rainbow Canyon Ranch road. Encampment, Wyoming
  • On Wyo. State Hwy. 70 viewing easterly towards the town of Encampment, Wyoming
  • Encampment, WY
  • Medicine Bow National Forest
  • Encampment, WY
  • Campsites
  • Medicine Bow National Forest
  • Прерии. Дерево. Я.
  • Vulcan Mountain from Indian Rocks Ranch
  • Riverside
  • Sign
  • Treasre Island
  • River Bank
  • Down the river
  • riverpool
  • Pond by Treasure Island
  • paradise on the encampment
  • Riverside, WY
  • Town Hall, Encampment
  • Medicine Bow National Forest
  • Medicine Bow National Forest
  • to national Forest
  • деревня Riverside
  • Священные индейские ванны
  • Abandoned old homestead in Riverside
  • Almost a fence
  • Looking Southeast from the Sierra Madre
  • North Platte river from the bridge to Treasure Island

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