51 Miles - 82 Km
54 mins

Route Map Carney, OK to Bristow, OK

Best route map between Carney, OK and Bristow, OK. This route take about 51 Miles.
The distance and estimated time is placed on the right depending on the status of the road.

Carney, OK


Fair, 11:49

Lincoln Motel, Chandler OK
2008_06-08_Fallis Oklahoma_p112
2006_03_Wellston Oklahoma_1933 Route 66 Captain Creek  Bridge
2008_06-08_Fallis Oklahoma_p069_1902 Bridge
2010_01-31_Agra Oklahoma_P1100646_Town Mural
Statehood Inn, Chandler, OK Built in 1907. 25 Feb. 12
Looking southerly along Historic Route 66 in Warwick, Oklahoma.
2011_06-11_Tryon Oklahoma_P1150446
2011_01-29_Eagle Creek Kingpost_P1140444
2009_03-22_Fallis Oklahoma_P1050837_Pony Truss
On the road
Carney, OK
NBI 00386 Center Line Pointing West
Read Ranch Main Gate Sign
Read Ranch Saloon
2008_06-08_Fallis Oklahoma_p122
2008_06-08_Fallis Oklahoma_p055
2010_01-31_Wellston Oklahoma_P1100565
2010_01-31_Chandler Oklahoma_P1100634_1935 Armory_Route 66 Interpretive Center
2010_01-31_Chandler Oklahoma_P1100601_1903 St Cloud Hotel
Looking north along Historic Route 66 in Chandler, Oklahoma.
Silver Dome Garage
Train Trellis  Near Wellston, ok
Chandler, OK
Route 66 Chandler Oklahoma
Route 66 Seaba Station Warwick Oklahoma
NBI 08587 Looking under structure
Koko Knoll
Fallis, OK ghost town

Bristow, OK


Fair, 11:49

Hotel Roland in Bristow, Oklahoma
2008_07-12_Depew Oklahoma_P1030165_Abandoned Route 66 Alignment
Depew OK_Route 66 Old Road_p002
2008_07-12_Bristow Oklahoma_P1030179_Route 66 until 1938
2008_07-12_Bristow Oklahoma_P1030171_Route 66 until 1965
2010_05-08_Slick Oklahoma_P1110513_L'overture Public School
Route 66 - Oklahoma - Creek County - 1935 Sand Creek Bridge
Route 66 - Oklahoma - Old Oil fields
Route 66 - Oklahoma - Creek County - Little Deep Fork Creek Bridge
2013_11-28_Depew Oklahoma_P1000310_Old 66 Bridge Ruins
Route 66 - 2012/24/04
On the road
Bristow Park Panorama
Heyburn Lake
Abandoned section of Route 66 - Kellyville, OK - Route 66
2008_07-12_Bristow Oklahoma_P1030182_Route 66 until 1938_Motor Courts
2011_11-24_Slick Oklahoma_P1000710_Old Service Station
2011_05-21_Bristow Oklahoma_P1150390_1947 Beard Motor Company
2011_11-24_Depew Oklahoma_P1000751_Old Service Station
2011_11-24_Depew Oklahoma_P1000740_1912 Depew Building
Route 66 - 2012/24/04
On the road
Bristow, OK
11-02-28: church
11-02-25: untitled
Serenity Salon

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* Carney, OK weather as celsius: 10 °C
* Bristow, OK weather as celsius: 9 °C

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