945 Miles - 1521 Km
14 hours 28 mins

Photos, inside and outside images between Ames, IA and Blacksburg, VA

According to Google Maps Panoramio data photos between Ames, IA and Blacksburg, VA

Ames, IA Photos

  • Snow storm Feb. 25th, 2007
  • Memorial Union, Iowa State University
  • My house!
  • Towers Implosion
  • morning fog on a farm road
  • defunct bridge
  • Confluence of Squaw Creek and Skunk River
  • 280th street bridge
  • Barilla at Exit 113
  • USDA Vet Labs
  • Askew Bridge/Cambridge Pond canoe access
  • Lincoln Way bridge
  • Barn at Exit 116
  • coming up on I35 bridge
  • erosion control
  • Ames Rest Area
  • 170th street bridge
  • Dam at River Valley Park
  • stop for lunch
  • as straight as the Skunk River gets...
  • Skunk River view
  • Catt Hall, Iowa State
  • Marston Hall, Iowa State
  • Friley Hall, Iowa State
  • Beardsher Hall, Iowa State
  • Oakwood Road Church under construction
  • Danger! Dam!
  • Near Anderson Park
  • train on the bridge
  • massive snag south of 150th street
  • auto-erosion control
  • 13th street bridge

Blacksburg, VA Photos

  • Burruss Hall - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Mountain Lake Resort
  • Cowan Tunnel
  • Blacksburg United Methodist Church
  • Front of Lane Stadium
  • Blacksburg Golf Course
  • Christiansburg, Virginia
  • Montgomery Tunnel
  • Ellett Valley and Smart Road bridge
  • House in Newport
  • North Fork Farms Rd off Catawba Rd
  • New River @ Bisset Park
  • Changing trains at Whitethorne va
  • Roanoke Valley Presbyterian Church
  • Washington Street from 7th floor Lee, Virginia Tech Campus
  • Cassell Coliseum
  • Skelton Conference Center
  • View of Blacksburg from Hill
  • Drillfield, Virginia Tech Campus
  • House on Giles Rd
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • The Farmhouse Restaurant
  • Bisset Park
  • Covered Bridge
  • Virginia Tech Inn and Skelton Conference Center
  • Mountain Lake Cabins
  • Watering Hole
  • Ellett Valley Pentecostal Holiness Church
  • Smithfield Plantation House

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