152 Miles - 245 Km
3 hours 4 mins

Photos, inside and outside images between Bemidji, MN and Starbuck, MN

According to Google Maps Panoramio data photos between Bemidji, MN and Starbuck, MN

Bemidji, MN Photos

  • Paul & Babe
  • Maid Rite, Bemidji, MN
  • The roads were barely open by snowplows
  • Carr Lake Road
  • Park entrance, Lake Bemidji State Park
  • MR-22 CR-7
  • MR-24
  • MR-37 Beltrami CR-8 (West)
  • MR-21
  • Trail marker, Paul Bunyan bike trail, Bemidji MN
  • Thunderbird Sunset, Lake Plantagenet
  • MR-35 Ottertail Power Dam
  • MR-23
  • View from Wilton Hill
  • Driving in a Minnesota snowstorm -- even tho it is late April!
  • Nymore Beach Park
  • MR-31, MR-30, MR-29, MR-28
  • Bright morning sunshine after a 36 hour snowstorm
  • Watertower, Bemidji MN
  • MR-27, MR-26
  • MR-31 Paul Bunyan Drive
  • Four bridges on the istmus between Lake Bemidji and Lake Irving.
  • MR-22
  • Foggy Night in Bemidji
  • Lake Bemidji in January
  • Evening Bike Ride
  • Cameron Park Trees
  • Winter Scene
  • Lake Ave bridge on the eastern shore of Lake Bemidji, MN
  • MR-33 Paul Bunyan State Trail
  • MR-34, MR-33 Lake Avenue NE, Paul Bunyan State Trail
  • MR-33 Paul Bunyan State Trail Bridge

Starbuck, MN Photos

  • Starbuck, Minnesota
  • Next to lake Minnewaska
  • Lone Tree on the Prairie
  • Glenwood Minnesota Waterama - Cal Shuckart Admiral 1976
  • buried at the beach
  • creek meanders
  • Baby Lake at Glacial Lakes State Park
  • Chippewa River May 3, 2009
  • old school house
  • stopping briefly on a small sandbar
  • a beautiful day to float down the Chippewa River, May 3, 2009
  • Winter Sunset
  • Sunset over Pelican Lake
  • 503437Saint George, Bermuda
  • lake minnewaska
  • Lake Minnewaska
  • Winter Picnic, Glacial Lakes State Park, MN
  • Glacial Lakes State Park
  • A little fun on lake Minnewaska
  • Glacial Lakes State Park
  • Glacial Lakes State Park front entrance sign
  • Kettle Lakes, Glacial Lakes State Park
  • From the highest point in the park, looking west, Glacial Lakes State Park
  • paddlin' down the Chippewa River
  • Glacial Lakes State Park
  • The farm
  • Sky reflections
  • Lake Minnewaska in Aug
  • Glenwood's public beach
  • Reflecting sunset
  • Fish cleaning station at Glacial Lakes State Park
  • Ann Bickle House

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